What I Do

Excellence & Expertise, On-Demand

Noticing a drop in revenue? Do you need a consultant that delivers results? Someone who does what they promise? Don’t be blinded by black-hat SEO agencies any longer.

Well, congratulations, your search has been successful. But let’s be honest here, I could have created this page full of SEO jargon, hoping that you would be impressed.

But I bet you have seen it all by now and heard all the confusing sentences that sound like these agencies know what they are doing.

Chances are you are spending a regular amount of money each month and seeing little to no progress at all.

Enter Benedict, a professional who can manage your projects successfully and leverage a fully managed, agile team guided by flexible insights.

Speak to a real person.

What you can expect from me initially

Awareness, Consideration, and Decision

  • Data gathering: Primary and secondary research with accurate due diligence to provide initial information. How are customers interacting with your products?
  • Data analysis: Drawing up-to-date insights from data sets and providing worthy recommendations based on these findings. How can we sell better to your customers?
  • Detailed strategy for growth: Online model review, digital corporate development, and new market strategy. How can we ensure customers continue to purchase?

What you can expect from me as we progress

Management, Flexibility and Agility

  • Operational improvement: Continuous improvement of content, architecture and implantation through research, trends, and Google updates.
  • Digital transformation: Innovation, product development and new customer pathways to purchase.
  • Project management: A consultant who can manage budget, resources, and time frames.

What you can expect from me always

Transformation, Guidance, and Inspiration

  • Innovation: New products, market advice, infrastructure changes and technology improvements.
  • Scale-up: When we achieve one target, we move on to the next using customer insight reviews, long-term growth strategies and further resource support.
  • Communication: I’ll never disappear or go quiet. You’ll receive constant reports, findings, the good news and the bad. You’ll be invited to call me whenever, with anything.

Trust is everything when it comes to laying money on the line

Quite frankly, I would rather impress you by speaking to you one-to-one on a real personal level. I understand your goals, and I understand what you want to do without ever having to meet you.

So, let’s not waste time with the rest and cut to the bit that shows you exactly what you need to do for success, time and time again.

Just give me a call at 07802 944593 to begin.