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Since 2003, I have been building a large network of research and online consulting expertise taking me from Analyst to Expert.

Over the last two decades, I’ve worked with businesses across the globe of every size to solve commercial, strategic, and analytical challenges.

I’m the one who businesses call when their current SEO goes wrong, and when other one-size-fits-all SEO strategies fail, I come in to rescue results, or in most cases, help you attain a high level of visibility.

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What I do:

My SEO consultancy services in London harness many digital networks and use consumer data and insights to highlight buying behaviours and personas.

I’ll focus not just on the where’s and when’s but rather the reasons why a person would need to use your service so that I can construct a website that’s built entirely for them. Learn more.

Who I do it for:

  • Individuals: Personal projects need scalable advice.
  • SMEs: Businesses that want to target revenue growth.
  • International companies: Established companies that require expert direction.

How I do it – the process

An individual like myself can be the driving force behind critical business growth. As a strategist, I know that getting the best person on board for your project is a crucial consideration to ensure the job is done correctly and efficiently.

Time is money and no company likes to waste both. That is why as well as high academics, I have various tools and expertise to meet the strict criteria of a commercial mindset and skill set to identify top-performing and rewarding opportunities.

However, excellence is more than my CV – it’s an entire process. Learn it here.

Resilient, reflective, and resourceful

Have your business powered by a person, whether you need an analyst or senior management; Benedict is plugged into a digital world of skills, knowledge, and experience.

My digital network consistently reaps the rewards of my commercial, strategy and analytic skills that can overcome even the most impossible of challenges.

Tap into my results and expertise.