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From digital transformation to advanced analytics to customer growth and scaling services, is comfortable delivering consulting and resourcing excellence that supports business across various sectors and regions.

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Business capabilities – how I can help:


Strategy and management consultancy provided by a specialist in all sectors and industries.

My consultancy service drives workable solutions that can be applied in the real world. As an expert problem solver, my experience and commercial mindset can frame complex problems and think both conceptually and practically to get the job done.

Strategy and Growth:

My dedication to online business success is powered by my drive to make an impact.

Therefore, a track record of achievement and drive for personal growth is an attitude you can always expect from me.

As part of my strategy and growth services, clients can expect conversion growth plans and organic strategies to expand their online presence, customer bases, and sales.

Scale Up:

On all levels, we help ambitious companies grow and succeed. Working as a resource partner to your business, we can help you understand the skills you need to take you to the top and even help you scale to a regional, national, or even international level.

Analyst/Data Analysis:

With Benedict, businesses around the UK can expect exceptional analytical, statistical, and technical problem-solving skills.

With almost 20 years of insight and analysis behind me, the ability to analyse complex information and derive innovative insights from ambiguity is second nature.

Transformation and Change:

Using a partnership approach, I can work with you to uncover challenges and deliver fast-acting solutions. Using market mapping and primary and secondary research, I can propel your business into the digital age and number one.

Project Teams:

Project management from conception to execution. Whether you want me to take charge of your SEO project or you need me to advise, I can articulate complex messages concisely and understandably that engages and resonates, not just with internal team members but with customers too.

Whatever you need, we can work with you to find a flexible solution to strategic challenges.

Strategic Senior Management:

Executive leadership that drives growth right from the top. With decades of experience in leading and pushing teams to success, my ability to work with others is strengthened by the reliable and supportive infrastructure I install.

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