About Benedict | Miracle SEO

Hi – I’m Benedict, and I have been the Head of organic acquisition for hundreds of companies over the last 19 years, from sole proprietorships to international corporations.

I take on clients spanning a wide range of businesses and sizes, from those who do not have a single employee to those with a £5m+ turnover.

Choose a safe pair of hands

My monthly consultancy service sees me working closely with business owners or marketing managers on their online strategy and execution. My advice for many big corporations has been essential in their existence over the years.

So, what do you need to know that matters? I’ll be there when you need it – you’ll have someone to answer any marketing questions, sense-check your ideas and critique your marketing activity to ensure you’re doing exactly what you need to be.

Remember, it’s my job to get you to number one and keep you there.

Talk to me – let’s see what we can do.

The value of my experience

There is no shortage of SEO consultants in London, and I’m sure you’ve had some experience with a few of them by now.

But are you not tired of reading the same thing? Hearing the same promises?

You don’t need another graduate; you need a consultant who can:

  • React to problems and issues quickly as they arise and provide innovative solutions
  • Knows when the big changes in Google are coming and can plan ahead
  • Diagnose site speed problems and use specific tools to speed it up
  • Focus on building traffic that converts rather than traffic that reads
  • Deliver immediate work – you don’t have to wait weeks for movement
  • Save your company time and money with advanced technical know-how that speeds up several processes
  • Help you to reduce spending on adverts, and eventually the need for them at all
  • Provide you with constant feedback and communicate long-term strategies

Marketing means profit.

It’s not about how many social media likes you had, the click-through rate on your banner ad, or any other pointless metric. Instead, it aims to increase profitability, pure and simple.

SEO is not a one-size-fits-all product – there’s not one single strategy for a particular industry; my service is a lot more bespoke than that.

My work is always one step ahead, keeping up with the future of SEO and consulting by connecting businesses to the most current and best digital practices.

Benedict.co.uk is not a faceless company – it’s just one person who won’t run off with your money and give you back some blogs.

No, instead, I’ll work tirelessly to ensure a substantial return on investment so you can continue to trust in my service and my expertise.

I’ll work very closely with you, your team, and your business at each stage to ensure it continues to thrive and grow.

I’ve helped so many ambitious B2C AND B2B small business owners, like you, get more customers and become bigger than they ever dreamt possible. Join them.