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Photo of BenedictMy name is Benedict. I am an expert in Organic search ranking. I have been working in SEO for the last 17 years. I have worked with all sizes of businesses from eBay, Philips, Tesco, and a host of SMEs.

I am a marketing consultant based in Wimbledon SW19. I am a graduate of Bristol University and am a professional web designer, coder and creative author. I have also been researching Google’s algorithmic changes since 2003 and enjoy studying and deciphering data.

SEO does not have a very good remit amongst business owners. Too many people have been misled and let down by other SEOs, so it is often hard to know who to believe.

I completely understand.

I do not ask you to believe anything that I say until I can prove that it not only works but is logical and future proof.

All my SEO work for clients is revenue and lead generation led. All the work I undertake is fully documented, and all clients receive an in-depth, transparent report documenting all new content, code changes, and off-page work achieved in that month.

One thing that attracted me to organic search optimisation was that Google’s technology was the closest thing to magic. The magic is when a complete stranger becomes one of my clients’ customers seemingly out of the blue.

SEO also suited my skillset

  1. Planning and strategising
  2. Creative content creation
  3. Sales and marketing experience
  4. Web design and UX flow
  5. Client relationships
  6. Analytics and data interpretation

Findability and conversion

SEO is all about being found with Google.

Successful SEO is about being found by the right people and converting that user into a customer.

Good SEO can be measured by the number of new enquiries or new sales.

Most modern optimisation is user-centric. If the website tells the right story and addresses any barriers to sale that a user might be susceptible to, then the site will have achieved most of the on-page work. Part of the consultant services I offer includes telling better stories than your closest competitors.

What SEO is not

SEO is not about fooling Google or cheating. There are no lasting shortcuts of SEO black magic that Google will not discover and penalise your site for. Backlinks are another example of magical thinking. They are an important part of the SEO mix, but they are not a substitute for poor content or web design.

How I work


The first part of the process is to analyse what the current website is doing well and what improvements need to be made. This is a short process that studies content, code and structure. It also looks at off-site ranking metrics. An important part of this process is to study and create a strategy that targets and adheres to

  • The client’s target market
  • The client’s ideal customer profile
  • The most profitable services and products
  • How can SEO support and serve the aims of the business?

Other things that are agreed upon at this stage are KPIs and reporting. What people are involved, and what other agencies and or freelances are in the loop.


The second part is to create a content plan that targets keywords that are the most likely to be searched for by the customer profile we have created. For example, some businesses are location orientated.

For example, I work for many cosmetic dental practices that, of course, cannot change where they are based. Other businesses rely less on geo-targeted keywords.

With a content plan to target all the major keywords, we can then start looking at how the website reflects the content we have created.

This might result in technical changes or site architecture changes.

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With a degree from Bristol University, a foundation year of web design and as a Company Director with 17 years of marketing experience both on and offline, I let my results speak for themselves.

  1. Digital Strategising and planning (17 years)
  2. Consultancy (13 years)
  3. SEO (18 years)
  4. Content creation (21 years)
  5. Algorithmic research (11 years)
  6. On-page optimisation (18 years)
  7. Off-page optimisation and backlink building (18 years)
  8. Google Advertising (PPC) (7 years (stopped in 2017)

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